Skip Hire

We supply commercial or domestic skip hire to customers with a wide range of skips – from mini-skips suitable for garden waste up to industrial container-sized skips capable of dealing with large-scale demolitions. With the exception of our grab & tip lorries, all our skips are delivered to your site and collected when they are full or when you have finished with them.


What size of skip do I need?

We describe the capacity of our skips either in cubic yards/metres or by the approximate number of plastic waste bags that each can hold. Be realistic when estimating how much waste you want to dispose of, since hiring a second skip can be far more costly than one big one! To view our skip hire range go here.

All skips must be level-loaded so that they can be legally transported on the road.

For a more substantial collection, it might be worth considering a very large on-site container (please call for further information).

When it is not practical to have a skip on your site, we can offer our Grab Hire Service where you simply create a pile of waste and we come and grab the waste into a vehicle.

See our skip sizes

Where can a skip be placed?

Most customers have their skips placed on their driveway or land but remember that all of our skips are delivered on large vehicles.

For 6 yard to 12 yard, we normally require a minimum 2.9m (9ft 6in) clearance width.

Also remember that we need good height clearance and a solid robust surface as our vehicles are heavy, especially when picking up loaded skips as we can’t be held responsible for cracking or sinking into driveways.

If you are unsure, please contact us on 07912 202668

What happens if there is no space off road?

Where it is not possible to have a skip on your own property, skips can be legally placed on the public highway or on a verge. However, skips placed on a public highway must have a pre-applied Highway Permit from the County or City Council Authority and must have the correct signage and lights (unfortunately we don't supply this). These permits are applied for and issued to the skip hire company.  (The grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you and therefore you may need a permit, but councils do not normally allow skips on grass verges.) Allow at least four working days for a road permit to be granted.

If you require a skip to be delivered on the road in an area where there are parking bays, pay to park, or residents parking permits then an additional permission is required, in the form of a bay suspension – THIS HAS TO BE SOUGHT BY THE HIRER FROM THE LOCAL COUNCIL AS THESE WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO THE SKIP COMPANY. Parking bay suspensions can normally be made on-line to the local council, or via the Town Hall or Parking Shop. We will need the bay suspension number prior to being able to deliver a skip into a bay or restricted area. We cannot deliver the skip before the permit has been granted, and parking bay suspension issued if necessary.

How long will take for my skip to arrive?

Normally skips being delivered off road, and on private property can be delivered the next working day, Monday to Saturday.

What can I put in my skip?

Skips are for general waste (mixed lightweight) and inert waste (heavy) only. Mixed Lightweight Wasteincludes garden clearance waste and household clearance waste whilst Inert Heavy Waste includes industrial building materials.

Mixed Lightweight Waste

  • Plants/bushes
  • Wood, plastics, cardboard and small amounts of plasterboard
  • Empty painting equipment – paint tins, pots, dry brushes and rollers
  • Window frames and furniture
  • Fabrics and carpet
  • 'Bin bag waste' and packaging

Inert Heavy Waste – the largest skip we supply for inert materials is 6 yard

  • Soil, brick, clay, concrete, sand, chalk (lightweight blocks), ballast, Ash, Gravel,
  • Plaster (no bags or wood/lathes or plasterboard)
  • Metal
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Roof tiles (Slate, concrete, clay)
  • Glass (no frames or fittings)
  • Porcelain toilets or sinks (no fitting or taps)

What is NOT allowed in my skip?

  • Fridges/Freezers
  • TV’s and monitors
  • Tyres
  • Liquids, including paints, solvents and chemicals
  • Gas cylinders
  • Clinical or medical waste
  • Flares or fireworks
  • ASBESTOS or asbestos type corrugated sheeting
  • Unwashed chemical containers
  • Plasterboard – please ring or e-mail for a separate quote

If you are not sure please contact us on 07912 202668

How long can I keep my skip?

Most customers fill their skips quite quickly, however generally it will be a maximum 2 week hire – remember if the skip is on the road there may be time restrictions on the Highway Permit.

What happens if i overload my skip?

Don't is the simple answer. The capacity of a skip is based upon a load that is level with the sides. Please don’t stack it up or overload it, we reserve the right to refuse to collect overloaded skips.

What happens if I fill my skip and require a new one?

Simply give us a call so you can then order a like-for-like replacement, or change size & waste type, and pay the difference.

What happens when I have finished with my skip

Just give a call and we will come to collect your skip. In busy periods it may take a few days for the collection to take place.

When are you open?

We are open from 07.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 13.00 on Saturday.

Where can I view your Terms & Conditions for skip hire?

We advice all our customers to read through our skip hire T&Cs which you can view here.

How can I book?

Simply call 07912 202668 or alternatively send us a message

See our skip hire prices here