Grab Hire FAQs

With our Grab Hire FAQs you should find all the answers to your questions.

How far does the grab crane reach?

All waste will need to no more than 4.2m [14ft] from the side of the lorry.

How wide is the lorry?

If we are to reverse in to an opening we will need at least 2.6m [8ft 6″] in width.

Who loads the lorry?

We do. However, it is advisable to have someone on hand to clear and tidy as we go.

How long will loading take?

As a rule of thumb loading can take up to one hour

What happens if there are parking restrictions on my road?

If there are any parking restrictions, we ask you request an exemption with your local authority. However, if you we arrive an no exemtion has been organsised, any penalty parking notice cost will be passed on to you.

Will you park anywhere?

No, we do not park anywhere which is dangerous for our staff, clients, vulnerable road users or the public.

Where do we operate?

We cover Greater London and the West of Greater London

Grab Hire vs Skip Hire. What’s the best option?

There are advantages and disadvantages for both Grab hire and Skip hire. However, in most cases it’s cheaper and more efficient to clear your waste using a Grab Hire service.

How big are our lorries?

Our lorries are on average 9m long x 2.5m wide x 4m high [including crane] and weigh 18 ton when fully loaded.

How many bulk [jumbo] bags of rubbish can we fit on our trucks?

Approximately up to 20 but it will also depend on combined weight.

How do I book?

For booking, a no obligation quote or just some friendly advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our staff are always helpful and will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, just complete the contact form and we'll get right back to you.